A government’s primary duty is to its citizens. The role of government begins with protecting the citizenry from harm and ends before those protections violate our liberties.

It was President Ronald Reagan who said that “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.” Yet today our federal government overreaches its boundaries and teeters on the edge of tyranny. It appears those in Washington are more concerned with lining their own pocketbooks and pursuing political power than they are with providing for the prosperity of our people.

It is time that we as a nation stand up and say, “no more.” No more foreign policy decisions that sacrifice the needs of Americans without achieving any greater strategic benefit. No more corporate bailouts that place the needs of an elite ruling class over the needs of working Americans.

We will stand for this nation and put America First by emphasizing our national interests in the following areas:


The Economy: Prior to the mandated closure of our economy by politicians, our nation was experiencing an economic upturn under the leadership of an economically focused Republican Administration. Job growth was on the rise, American jobs that had been lost overseas through failed trade deals were coming home. Our nation was on a path towards true economic prosperity. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the American economy and attempt to hamstring small business owners across this country for political gain. We understand this virus, a vaccine has arrived, and any further posturing by political leaders against opening our economy must be treated as a direct desire to punish American businesses. We must put the American worker first and we must implement jobs-focused regulatory reform without catering to corporate interests.




We must emphasize the needs of the American people as our primary goal when it comes to immigration. We cannot place the needs of foreign nationals over those of American citizens.

I am a firm believer in legal immigration. President Reagan said that city had to have walls but doors that will be open to people with the will and heart to come here legally. That is why I would summarize my immigration position as “walls and doors.”

Our immigration system is in crisis. Along with thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across the border, our nation also faces a looming threat from the illegal drug trade. A porous border is the first step towards losing the American dream, the very dream that motivates men, women, and children each year to enter this country legally. We need to secure our borders and we need the rule of law.

In Congress, I will fight hard to shine a light on the evil of modern-day slavery and Human trafficking must be stopped. The 150 billion Businesses at human trafficking is profiting predators while destroying lives. We need to take a strong stance against it.

America has always been a land of opportunity, and this nation continues to stand as a beacon of hope for millions around the globe. We lawfully admit over a million immigrants each year, which far exceeds other countries. I firmly advocate for legal immigration, and I believe that the American dream will always make a gesture to those who seek to come to the land of the free.




We need to reform our health care system. The rules we are living under were written in 1943 and need to be updated. But we have radically different ideas about how to achieve reform.

My opponent wants to end employer-sponsored health plans and abolish private insurance. They also want to end Medicare as we know it. and their party want to repeal private insurance and Medicare as we know it and replace it with a single-payer, government run plan.

I have the opposite approach. I believe you can not only keep your plan but pay less and have more choices with better benefits. To do that we need to modernize our health system so that all workers in our 21st century economy enjoy the benefits as those in traditional jobs. We turn patients into shoppers and equip them with buying. Reforms creates choices it does not take them away. We can do this by protecting the preexisting condition patients.

Patient choice is not an option; it is a right.




I passionately believe that Americans should not be punished for the failures of career politicians in Washington. Social Security must be protected from big spenders who would weaken it with reckless socialist programs like government-run, single-payer health care and the Green New Deal.


Social Security is not an entitlement that Americans simply expect to receive. Rather, it is a program that our countrymen have poured their time, effort, and taxes into building. We deserve its promised rewards.




We can balance the budget, downsize, and reimagine federal agencies, keep taxes low, limit regulation, and turn the entire country into an Opportunity Zone that empowers local communities and entrepreneurs in California and all over America.  




As a constitutional conservative, I believe there are two areas where federal spending is clearly appropriate – national defense and infrastructure. Our founders gave Congress the ability to regulate interstate commerce because they knew our country would only be strong with a vibrant free-market capitalism supported by infrastructure. One of my top priorities will be helping California connect to broadband internet. We also need to upgrade our roads and bridges and energy infrastructure for the 21st century.




"For too long the environment has been politicized as a red vs blue issue. The truth is, it is a red, white, and blue issue, and impacts us all, “It’s time to listen to Conservatives' affordable and reliable solutions that are good for America and for the planet."

The Republican agenda offers strong support for American innovation, the world's best hope against climate change, by advancing the rollout of new technologies faster than ever, “At the same time, bills such as The Trillion Trees Act combine ecologic with economic forces to enhance the environment. Natural solutions tap the expertise of Americans already on the front lines of a changing climate – our farmers, ranchers, hunters, fishers and foresters – to help capture carbon and conserve our fields, forests, prairies and wetlands for future generations.